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In light of the sexual harassment issues nation- and statewide, Jen McMillin announced on Monday that her campaign has signed the Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association (IDCCA) Sexual Harassment Pledge for political campaigns.

“For too long, those that work on political campaigns have been subject to sexual harassment and intimidation. I commend the Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association for their work on this issue, and wholeheartedly support their Sexual Harassment Policy. I am proud to sign the IDCCA’s pledge to maintain an environment that encourages and fosters appropriate conduct and respect for individual values among my staff, volunteers, and myself.”

The IDCCA developed a Sexual Harassment Task Force in December with the goal of combatting this pervasive issue. The Task Force submitted this policy and pledge as a first step in combating a culture of discrimination and harassment in politics.

A copy of McMillin’s sexual harassment pledge and policy are available on her campaign website,, as well as in her campaign offices. For more information about the IDCCA and their work in Illinois, please visit

Jen McMillin